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Onward, Christian Soldier – Part 1

I ended my last post by asserting that many Christians have a difficult time articulating what it means to be a follower of Christ. Today’s post is the first in the series, “Onward, Christian Soldier”. The Church declares to believers that they are soldiers in God’s army. They were drafted when they trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior and were born again into the family of God. As soldiers they are subject to God’s orders.

Well, the best soldiers are prepared for service with comprehensive instruction and training. The United States military does an outstanding job in this regard—the Western Church is derelict in its duty (prepackaged bible studies yield prepackaged thinking). I’ll flush out the details of the Church’s gross negligence in my upcoming posts. Let me emphasize that the onus is not just on the corporate body. As soldiers, Christians are responsible for preparing themselves for every situation they encounter. Becoming an enlistee is not a decision to be made haphazardly based on emotions or family tradition. It’s a lifestyle, and one that should be taken seriously.

Part two of this series will clarify the term “Christian” from a historical perspective. Until then, stay rational.

Onward, Christian Soldier – Part 2

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