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Don Lemon Reveals To Eddie Long Supporters “I Am A Victim Of A Pedophile”

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CNN anchor Don Lemon admitted over the weekend that he was a victim of a pedophile as a child.

Lemon made the startling announcement on live TV while discussing the scandal involving Georgia Bishop Eddie Long, who is accused of sexually abusing male teenage members of his church.

“I have never admitted this on television,” Lemon said. “I am a victim of a pedophile when I was a kid. Someone who was much older than me.”

“I have never admitted that on television. I didn’t tell my mom that until I was 30 years old,” he added later.

“Thank you all for your kind words. I had no idea I’d say that on national tv. It just came out. Sadly, it’s the truth for so many young men,” he tweeted shortly after.

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Islam And Homosexuality: The Problem Isn’t Religion But Those Who Lead It

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Joseph Ward III (The Huffington Post)

Of the 76 countries that persecute people for their sexual orientation, Iran will let an Islamic judge put them to death; Mauritania and Yemen will kill by public stoning; Saudi Arabia and parts of Nigeria and Somalia will do it based on their interpretation of Sharia law; Sudan will kill their citizens; and Iraq will sit passively as rogue militias hunt, torture and kill LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) persons.

If we have learned anything from all this brouhaha surrounding Park51, it’s that there is a need to elevate the voices of moderate Muslim thinkers. These eight countries offer eight reasons that emphasize the importance of these efforts. In many societies with Muslim majorities, there is a violent attitude towards homosexuals that goes far beyond general condemnation into promoting coercive laws that imprison and kill.

When I spoke this August with Ali Hili, an exiled Muslim from Iraq now living in London, it was evident that he has seen and heard it all when it comes to persecution of homosexuals. Ali explained how the death of one of his friends who was doused in gasoline and burned alive prompted him to advocate for Iraq’s gay community through an organization that he co-founded, called Iraqi LGBT.

On a daily basis Ali’s group receives information about the dangerous plight of gays back home. “I get information about people getting rounded up and stopped at check points … people stopped by police and arrested and taken into custody and questioned.” He believes that violence towards gays prospers in Iraq because “religious fundamentalists are preaching and urging their followers to target, attack and kill homosexuals.”

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Satan Wants You To Know (Message #4)

Noah’s Flood (image by Uriel Vidal)

Biblical Flood Evidence

There is presently no convincing archaeological evidence of the biblical flood. The examination of silt levels at the Sumeran cities of Ur, Kish, Shuruppak, Lagash, and Uruk (all of which have occupation levels at least as early as 2800 B.C.) are from different periods and do not reflect a single massive flood that inundated them all at the same time.

Similarly, the city of Jericho, which has been continuously occupied since 7000 B.C., has no flood deposits whatsoever. Climatological studies have indicated that the period from 4500 to 3500 B.C. was significantly wetter in this region, but that offers little to go on.

The search for the remains of Noah’s ark have centered on the Turkish peak of Agri Dagh (17,000 feet) near Lake Van. However, no one mountain within the Ararat range is mentioned in the biblical account, and fragments of wood that have been carbon-14 dated from this mountain have proven to come from no earlier than the fifth century A.D.

The IVP Bible Background Commentary: Old Testament

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