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Don’t Blame The White Man. Blame Satan.

Personal accountability is hard to find these days. Believing in the devil has been detrimental to the African-American community as a whole. I refuse to pass on this mythical nonsense to my young children. Before, it was the white man holding a nation of millions back, now it’s Satan. Enough already with the excuses. Break this psychological bondage perpetuated generation after generation.

Each time I hear Satan blamed for something I cringe. The black church has taken the phrase, “The devil is a liar!” to another level. Effectively making this character a scapegoat for an entire race of people. One of the rules of playing church is to authenticate your faith with clichés. The enemy is attacking me. My marriage is under attack. The devil is using you. Satan doesn’t want you to hear this message, that’s why you were late getting to church today. Satan wants to prevent your financial breakthrough because he knows you’ll start praising God. The last one is often used when the speaker is encouraging the audience to “sow a seed” (i.e., give money).

Pastors of black congregations are usually quite skillful in making Satan the fall guy. In fact, when black Christians say, “Service was good today” they probably mean: “The devil was blamed for something, everyone nodded and shouted in agreement, and each of us gave a high five to someone and told them they’re coming out of whatever situation they’re in.” If you can master the art of story telling with Satan as the antagonist, then you’ll attract more people who want to play church. More folks signing up. More money coming in.

It’s not politically correct for African-Americans to publicly blame “Whitey” for the ills in their community as done in the past. Many find that term offensive and that belief outdated. Pointing an accusatory finger at Satan appears to be an acceptable way to invoke empathy from whites. Yet, it also invites apathy, underachievement, hopelessness, and self-hate within the black community. As black Christians continue to proclaim the power of Satan they do a disservice to their children by giving legitimacy to a spiritual Boogieman.

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  1. I’m all about personal accountability. I find myself spending more time criticizing my own people instead of trying to find a solution to our woes. I feel that black folks in general feed into the victim mentality. We could learn a great deal from Jews, who have also been persecuted through out history. But they seem to have a culture much different than blacks.I ask a few young black teens what made them feel like a man. They told me, how much money they had, how many girls they could sleep with, how good they could fight, or how good they could play ball. Whos responsibility is it to teach our people about IPO’s, being an accedited investor, REITS or other higher levels of finance. The culture of having babies, getting high and going to jail is ruining the young. By the time they are old enogh to realize what’s going on it’s too late. Kids, no educatin, prison records and unskilled labor.Not all young blacks mind you but far far too many. I’m afraid we only have ourselves to blame. I’m a Christian. but wish there was some black people commandmants so to speak. No kids out of wedlock, stay sober, don’t go to jail. learn a marketable skill, maintain good credit. These are universal things but I feel black people especially should take fuller advantage of being an American in particular.So we can’t blame the whiteman or satan. We need a serious reprogramming.It should start from birth.

    Comment by brian | January 31, 2012 | Reply

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