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Don Lemon Reveals To Eddie Long Supporters “I Am A Victim Of A Pedophile”

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CNN anchor Don Lemon admitted over the weekend that he was a victim of a pedophile as a child.

Lemon made the startling announcement on live TV while discussing the scandal involving Georgia Bishop Eddie Long, who is accused of sexually abusing male teenage members of his church.

“I have never admitted this on television,” Lemon said. “I am a victim of a pedophile when I was a kid. Someone who was much older than me.”

“I have never admitted that on television. I didn’t tell my mom that until I was 30 years old,” he added later.

“Thank you all for your kind words. I had no idea I’d say that on national tv. It just came out. Sadly, it’s the truth for so many young men,” he tweeted shortly after.

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The Eddie Long Scandal: Betraying The Memory of MLK

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King.

David A. Love (The Huffington Post)

… But Bishop Long’s sexual orientation ultimately is not the subject of this commentary, although it provides some valuable context. Now, if these accusations are true, then Bishop Long is at least guilty of hypocrisy and self-hatred. And if the charges are not true, he is still an anti-gay minister who has damaged many people. Either way, he is a prosperity preacher who preys on the black community and shames the legacy of the civil rights movement. And that’s most of what we need to know.

When the Southern Poverty Law Center decides to write an intelligence report about you, you know you’ve done something wrong. SPLC calls Bishop Long “one of the most virulently homophobic black leaders in the religiously based anti-gay movement.” In one sermon, he says to gays and lesbians, “God says you deserve death!” The message of “hate the sin and the sinner” are strong words in a religion that is supposed to teach love, healing and redemption.

Long believes that homosexuality is spiritual abortion, “a manifestation of a fallen man.” He believes that if black gays and lesbians feel alienated and abandoned by the black church, the problem is not intolerance against them but their own sins. But before these people go to Hell as he contends they are, Long is trying to cure gays and lesbians (except himself, we can assume). And his church bookstore sells the works of authors such as the homophobic James Dobson of Focus on the Family — no friend of the black community.

And Long’s misappropriation of the King legacy is shameful. Coretta Scott King’s funeral was held at New Birth in 2006 rather than at Ebenezer Baptist Church, the King family’s church. Civil rights giants Harry Belafonte and then-NAACP-chair Julian Bond were so mortified by this fact that they boycotted the funeral. After all, Mrs. King was a supporter of gay marriage, and she called it a civil rights issue. The late Yolanda King, the oldest child, took after her mother in that regard, but Bernice King, the youngest child in the King family, called Long her “new father” and symbolically passed a torch to him.

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Estimated 1 Billion Adults Struggled to Afford Food in 2009

An estimated 1 billion adults worldwide reported not having enough money at times to buy the food they or their families needed. A disproportionate percentage of people in sub-Saharan Africa are affected.

Across the 113 countries surveyed, a median of 26% adults reported struggling at times to afford food for themselves or their families. Consistent with what Gallup has documented in previous years, the percentage of adults struggling in 2009 was highest in sub-Saharan Africa. At least 4 in 10 adults in every country surveyed in this region, with the exception of Djibouti, reported problems.

In fact, of the 22 countries where more than half of adults reported difficulties affording food at times in 2009, 15 are in sub-Saharan Africa. Struggles to afford food are not new to citizens in most of these countries. Food riots took place and there were fears of unrest in several countries, such as Cameroon and the Philippines, when global food prices surged in 2008.

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Eddie Long Victim Of Spiritual Warfare: Condemned As Predator And Monster

Christian Science Monitor

One of the four young men accusing Bishop Eddie Long of abusing his pulpit power to force them into sex has now gone on Atlanta’s airwaves to condemn the charismatic megachurch pastor as a “predator” and a “monster.”

Bishop Long, who denies the charges but admitted from his pulpit Sunday that he is “not a perfect man,” has decried the case on television as “spiritual warfare.”

But even as the heated exchanges multiply in the Atlanta media – in what some observers say could be an attempt to jockey for position ahead of an out-of-court settlement – a more immediate question is looming for Mr. Long: Can his ministry, and his 25,000 member New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, survive the increasingly explicit accounts of Long’s alleged misdeeds?

Some who study the black church will be watching to see how his flock reacts when Long passes the plate at Sunday service.

“There’s a lot of theater here, it’s a live chess match,” says Tulane sociologist Shayne Lee, author of “Holy Mavericks: Evangelical Innovators and the Spiritual Marketplace.” “The plaintiffs want to keep the blood flowing, and Bishop Long is trying to figure out how to stop the bleeding. But the longer this goes on in the media, the more [church] members are going to demand cogent responses to the claims instead of vague denials.”

Long became emblematic of an anti-homosexual strain of the black church after he marched in gay-friendly Atlanta against gay marriage in 2004. Part of his ministry is dedicated to “delivering men” from same-sex inclinations. At the same time, the lawsuits allege that some in the church community were aware of Long’s alleged same-sex trysts.

On Sunday, most New Birth parishioners loudly and excitedly voiced support for Long. But for some, Long’s rebuttal from the pulpit fell short of assuring parishioners that he’s telling the truth.

“He wasn’t genuine,” one woman said as she left the church Sunday, ABC News reported. “It was very heartbreaking.”

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