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Does The Black Church Have A Future? A Debate Continues

The vibrancy and viability of America’s black churches have suddenly become matters of intense debate among African-American religious leaders. The debate was sparked by a Huffington Post “obituary” for the black church, which prompted numerous responses about the fate of one of America’s most important and enduring religious institutions.

The genesis of the controversy was the Feb. 24, 2010, essay, “The Black Church Is Dead,” by Eddie S. Glaude Jr., the William S. Tod Professor of Religion and chair of the Center for African American Studies at Princeton University.

Glaude noted that while nearly 90 percent of African-Americans identify with a religious group and blacks are one of the most religious communities in American society, “the idea of this venerable institution [the black church] as central to black life and as a repository for the social and moral conscience of the nation has all but disappeared.”

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Juvenile Justice: Faith Groups Begin To Speak Out

The United States sentences more of its citizens under the age of 18 to life without parole than any other major developed nation, and American believers are increasingly viewing juvenile justice — or a lack of justice — as a critical challenge for faith groups.

Core teachings of traditional religions focus on mercy, justice and serving the least among us, and the fate of juveniles in trouble with the law is so problematic that a growing number of American denominations say the plight of these children cannot be ignored by people of faith. Juvenile detention centers in many states are also some of the most problem-plagued institutions in the corrections system.

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