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Child Abuse: Body Blow to Belgium Church

Harrowing details of some 300 cases of alleged sexual abuse by Roman Catholic clergy in Belgium have been released by a Church investigator. Peter Adriaenssens said cases of abuse, mostly involving minors, had been found in nearly every diocese, and 13 alleged victims had committed suicide.


Hmm…Why no divine intervention (again)? I’m sure these children were praying to God for the abuse to stop. Oh yeah, it’s that pesty free will thing that many claim God gave us. Stop telling our children fairy tales of a special person in the sky who cares about them and wants to help them if they just pray or that they have an angel hovering over them. Teach our children to “think and execute,” not go by some warm and fuzzy feeling in their tummy. Adults would be wise to follow this advice as well.

I’m sure someone will say, “Catholics aren’t Christians.”

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