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Food For Thought (Bible Morsel #1)

And On The Sixth Day...

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According to Genesis (Chapter 1:20-27) God created birds and land animals THEN man was created. Man is God’s final creation.

According to Genesis (Chapter 2:15-19) God created man THEN birds and land animals were created. Man is not God’s final creation.

Which order of events actually happened? Why does there appear to be a contradiction? Does it matter if there are two different accounts?

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*I’ll be posting Food For Thought once a week. Remember, these are questions that persons of reason have. If you want to share the Christian message of salvation you must be aware of what the Bible says in its entirety. Just memorizing and quoting select verses is not enough. Many nonbelievers are well-versed in the Bible and it’s one of the reasons they are not believers. If you believe that you’re created in the image of God, then there’s no reason you can’t supplement your faith with reason and intellect. Engage the mind that was given to you.

Food For Thought (Bible Morsel #2)

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