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Open Your God Account Now, And Get A Free Gift!

Clay Farris Naff (The Huffington Post)

… I guess their sorrows had brought this couple to the point where they were ready to try anything, but they sure didn’t look happy about it. All that would change, the older guy promised them.

“Before I got saved,” he was telling them, “I done everything bad there was to do. Got to the point where I didn’t want to go on. But something pulled me up from the depths. Something called the Lord.” He beamed his big smile on each of them in turn.

“Your lives will change, too. You’ll see. All your troubles will go away if you give them up to Jesus. God has a wonderful plan for your lives. And,” he added, beaming at the Mrs., “our church shows biblically correct movies for the youngsters every weekend. You’re gonna love it.”

At this moment, I was seized with a powerful urge to pull up a chair and butt in. Of course, I didn’t — my mother raised me right. If I had, though, I would have said something like this.

“Hold on a second, folks. Before you sign up with the Jesus dealership, have you considered all your options? How about Hinduism? Of maybe you’d like to be Muslims? But what am I saying? When I look at you, sir, I see a man of discriminating taste. Not just any old religion will do for you. No sir, for you we’ve got something special: Zoroastrianism! Comes complete with both fire and water rituals. So, what’ll it take for me to put you behind the wheel of a new faith today?”

It used to be that religions proselytized with promises about the hereafter. If there was a present-day benefit to be gained, it was generally something like not being tortured or put to death. But all that has changed.

Like everything else, the competition for souls has gone global, and marketing reigns supreme. As in so many other areas, America has led the way when it comes to the commercialization of religion. Almost from the inception of the republic, there has been a strong streak of salesmanship in American religion. It started with Great Awakening, gained momentum with the televangelist, and only got stronger with megachurch. And so we have come to this: Coupon Clipper Christianity.

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It’s No Surprise That Atheists Know More About Religion Than Most Americans

Dave Silverman (

The new survey from the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life shows that atheists know just as much — if not quite a bit more – about religion than do religious people in general. The simple truth is this; the more someone knows about religion, the more likely they will reject it as mythology.

Many religious people do not read their holy books for fear of finding things they don’t like, which will force them to consider whether those easy answers are valid, and whether death is in fact permanent. In other words, religious people already have doubts, and avoid reading their Bibles to avoid addressing those doubts.

Preachers, on the other hand, know that knowledge of the Bible can often lead to atheism, so they prefer the flock listen to the preacher talk about the Bible (which the preacher can edit as he sees fit), rather than read it themselves. This is how they make a (tax free) living.

When a person begins to doubt the veracity of the religion into which they happen to have been born, they often read the holy books in the hope that they are wrong, that it will all make sense, and that the answers provided by those books will be logically valid. The problem is, they aren’t.

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