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God as Abuser: Similarities Between the Christian God and Abusive Spouses

An interesting perspective in this article.

It’s common for Christians to compare the relationship between humanity and God to that between husband and wife. God is the “man” of the house to whom humanity owes obedience, respect, and honor. Usually this relationship is portrayed as one of love, but in far too many ways, God is more like an abusive spouse who only knows how to love through intimidation and violence. A review of classic signs and symptoms of spousal abuse reveals how abusive the “relationship” people have with God is.

Religions like Christianity are abusive insofar as they encourage people to feel inadequate, worthless, dependent, and deserving of harsh punishment. Such religions are abusive insofar as they teach people to accept the existence of a god which, if human, would have long ago been shut away in prison for all his immoral and violent behavior.

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I would add that after an episode of abuse, the violent spouse becomes remorseful, guilty, and ashamed (can’t really tie this in with God). Promises are made, and tears are shed. A period of pleasantness follows, until some minor upset occurs to start the pattern again.

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