The QuasiChristian

Critical Thinking and Spiritual Reasoning


Despite the abundance of community churches in the United States, there are very few followers of Jesus Christ. Most Christians have abandoned the way of their Lord and Savior—a life radically centered in God, not self. The tenets of Jesus have been cast aside in favor of self-defined principles and self-fulfilling deeds. Playing church is an art form—mastered by members of local social clubs with a religion theme.

Biblical ignorance is cultivated in Western Christianity. Diluted teaching and prepackaged thinking have replaced critical study and sober reflection. Unwittingly, many who practice the Christian faith have committed the unpardonable sin. According to Christ, a shocking fate awaits them. Ignorance is no defense on the Day of Judgment.

There was a revolutionary consciousness in Jesus. The ideals represented in the narratives of Christianity’s hallowed figure, are of a common life so far-reaching that it involved a transposition of values, a rectification of social life, and a revolutionary shifting of predominant relations. Early Christians were called disciples of Jesus because they were carrying on the teachings of Jesus and living the life he had exemplified. Christianity was not an abstract belief; it was a whole way of life. Today, many Christians have a difficult time articulating what it means to be a follower of Christ.

Join me on a journey of critical study and sober reflection. Whether you’re a person of faith or one of reason, I invite you to engage this life with a rational mind. Seek and find reasons for believing or not.